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Exchange and return

If you want to return the purchased product, we will accept a refund only if the following conditions are met:

- The product was not in use.

- The presentation and consumer properties have been preserved: there are no traces of socks on the decoration, the tag and the undamaged packaging have been preserved.

- No more than 14 calendar days have passed since the purchase.

- According to the law, we will not be able to take back the decoration that was made according to your order or modified in accordance with your requirements.

1. How do I apply for a refund?

Write to us by e-mail or in Telegram /Whatsapp by the phone number specified in the contacts section on our website, and we will help you make a refund.

2. How to return the product?

You can send us jewelry by any courier service or by Russian Post (specify the address of the company by writing to us by e-mail or in Telegram /Whatsapp by the phone number specified in the contacts section on our website). Delivery is carried out at the expense of the sender and is free only if you want to return the defective goods, and the marriage will be confirmed during the examination. The term of consideration of the claim and examination is 10 days. The maximum term of the examination is 30 days.

If the examination confirms the marriage, you will be offered:

- Return the money.

- Eliminate the defect at the expense of the ACCSSEX brand.

- Exchange jewelry for the same value.

- Exchange jewelry for another at a cost, with recalculation of the cost.

- And also, in case of confirmation of the marriage, we will reimburse you for the shipping cost.

3. How will the money be returned?

To your bank card. We will refund the money within 30 days after receiving the results of the examination, if you refuse alternative offers.